1/2000 f11 ISO1600

When taking photos, landscape photography is the type I found myself taking the most. Since love taking pictures of the outdoors and nature, it is also the type I like the most. When I went to Santa Barbara the past week, I figured that it would be the perfect time to take some landscape photos. Santa Barbara is known for their beautiful beaches. If you are a beach lover, then you have probably been to Santa Barbara before. The thing I like most about Santa Barbara is how much of a “California” vibe it has. Before I moved to California, my impression of it was a sunny, warm state with beaches, palm trees, and surfers everywhere. When I arrived in the Bay Area, I realized how off I was (aside from the sunny part).

I decided to take pictures of palm tress for this weeks assignment. Because of there straight and long shape, I thought that lines in my photography would be perfect for taking a symmetric photo. When walking around near the beach, I found these 3 palm trees that were bunched together in an odd way. I first wanted to take photos of palm trees that stood straight up, but I noticed that the bunch of palm trees were sort of symmetrical. I decided to make tree bunch the center of the photo, with more palm trees behind to create symmetry. Although not all aspects of the photo are symmetrical, I think that this photo turned out good.