Since this is my last photoblog, I wanted to take a photo that represented the end of my freestyle education. Im not exactly sure what my future is going to look like but right now I know that I am going to leave freestyle with so much new knowledge and an idea of what my future job could possibly be. I took a photo of my friend leaving the old Freestyle campus to represent us moving to a brand new campus and then leaving Freestyle to go on to bigger things.

I wanted to be more creative and think outside of the box for this assignment. I kept my mind open and walked around our old freestyle campus. Walking around I noticed the bike rack towards the entranced that I had never stopped to notice before. I then thought it would be interesting to try and use the bike to frame a subject. In the end I thought that using the bikes was a super fun and creative idea.

For the narrative unit of design, we needed to have a good portrait of the author for an about the author section of our book cover. We got to practice self portraits with the many different backgrounds available at Freestyle. This was my favorite photo of photoshoot though I couldn’t use it since I needed a more serious photo for my book jacket. Im so glad I was able to show off this photo to and put it to use!

This prompt of food reminded me of eating snacks with my friends, at freestyle specifically. In my elective class, my classmates and I have a box of snacks that gives us a brain break and time to talk and connect with each other. This little box in the back of the classroom was able to connect all of us and become as close as we are today. The picture above is of my friend Mahaut eating some of the snacks from our snack box.

For using props, I wanted to use something that remind me of freestyle. I decided to use the pingpong table. For as long as I’ve been at freestyle the pingpong table was an area to connect with friends, play games, and relax. I wanted to get an action shot with the pingpong ball to give the photo movement.

For modern connivence I wanted to focus on something that I have started to rely on and something I now see as an essential tool in my life, the iPhone. With it i’m able to communicate with my friends and family, learn new things, use maps so I don’t get lost, and much more. As much as I don’t like the idea of this being essential in my life, I have learned to life and appreciate it.

For current events, I thought back to the recent tropical storm that hit our area recently. There was constant rain an the winds got up to 50 mph. During that storm, a large oak tree fell in my backyard narrowly missing my house. I wanted to make this a current event because even though it happened weeks ago it’s still present and affecting me to this day. But at least my cat is enjoying it!

For this photo, I took inspiration from my 7th-grade photography class. In that class, we played with the illusion of depth of field and how we can make a regularly sized object look tiny. For this photo, I worked with my friend Mahaut to make it look like she was standing on top of a tissue box. I then thought it would be funny to edit a hand reaching to grab her to insinuate her being a tissue. Overall I had a lot of fun taking this photo and editing it.

For the deadly sin, I wanted to represent lust. The photo above is a photo I took while helping my friends film for their film analysis class. The film is about lusting over another person who doesn’t reciprocate their feelings. I thought that the warm-colored lighting and the mirror helped emphasize that feeling of lust and longing.

To me when I think of music I think of driving around with my friends. A way that my friends and I connect is by listening to music we like together. I took this photo when my friends and I visited LA over a recent weekend. We had the windows rolled down and blasted music. All in all, my friends and driving around will always remind me of music and all of the cool places I’ve been.