“How can you find, explore, and/or expand your passion?”


Music is one of the most important things to me in my life. It has been there for me in my worst moments and in my best. It helps me connect with my friends and inspires me when I need it most. Some of my best memories have been created through music, such as the r&b festival I went to last summer or the countless times my friends and I have rolled down the windows and opened the sun roof to blast music while driving on the windy roads of Los Altos hills. However I cannot make music to save my life. I cannot sing, I have never been able to play any sort of musical instrument as I am probably the least musically inclined person on earth. What I have always been remotely good at is art and everytime I listen to a new song I always wonder what the thought process was behind the album artwork. During quarantine I had the chance to recreate album artwork I love and use it to decorate my walls. And everytime I would finish one I would wonder what it is that went into the color choices, the reason for the way it was presented and how the music relates to the art. 

This is why I chose to make my Explorations project on the mixing of photography and digitally creative enhancements through Photoshop and Illustrator, to make aesthetically focused, color-centric artwork that could potentially function as album art. Although there is no music to go with the creation of this art I hope that maybe there is a certain emotion that is displayed through my artwork that matches with what a musician wishes to exemplify through their artwork and the two can come together to create a complete visual narrative. Most often album art is created after the music is, and made respective to the music; maybe in this way music can be created to fit a piece of visual art. The 21rst century skills I hope to improve on through my project and use for it are creativity and visual literacy.