I took this photo of a bear statue in some weird obscure shop over winter break. I think this little bear is something my friends would believe resembles me a little because I act like little child constantly and I sit in weird positions that are not good for my back. I'm just a little, I hate this word but, silly and maybe even endearing sometimes (I hope) and this little bear resembles those...

Deadly Sins

This week we were challenged to tell a compelling photographic story inspired by the seven deadly sins: Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed and Sloth. I chose to tell a story of anger and envy. This is a photo I took of my friend Roo. I am angry and envious of her nose because it is really cute and I want it for myself.

Modern Convenience

Ice cream and my kindle! This week we were challenged to tell the story of a modern convenience can you not live without and I would have to say mine is my kindle. I have loved reading my whole life and to have a library at my disposal everywhere I go has been so convenient and wonderful for me. I really love my kindle.


My cousins fishing for the rings, a tradition in Hindu weddings. This is a photo I took at my cousins wedding last June. I photograph many of my cousins weddings and this was one of my favorite photos that I got out of it. It showcases cultural outfits and shows the utter joy between the two doing a religious gesture that symbolizes teamwork and collaboration, important in a marriage.


A photo I took at the lights on festival last September. This week we were challenged to photograph something that exemplifies freedom to us. I chose a photograph from a festival I went to last September and listening to the music and dancing in the crowd I really felt free.