Using Props

This week we were assigned to photograph using props. Here is a photo of my friend's dog Marble and the prop used is sunglasses. I think the use of this prop made this photograph a million times better.


I took this screenshot of my friend's cat Raju while we were facetiming and it almost looks like he's taking a selfie or photo himself which is the reason why I chose it for this prompt.

Color Theory

Sunset outside my window This week we were challenged to use color grading to enhance our photos to make them look as though they are a still from a movie. I have used the reduction of highlights/shadows and saturation to my advantage to make this sunset I saw much more vibrant and colorful. The original capture was mostly grey while the trees had no color at all so color grading really did...


A picture of my cousins parasailing in the Dominican Republic. This week we were challenged to use geometry in a photo and I chose a photo I took of my cousins when we were on a trip because of the shapes the parasail made.