~Narrative Visual Perspective in English~

Lyrical Essay

In the English portion of our Narrative Project we were challenged to investigate a topic of our choice through research and lyrical essay writing. We were assigned to choose a topic that was important to us and create a piece of art that held meaning in our lives. I chose to write my lyrical essay on sexual assault’s relationship with clothing and how victims are blamed for clothing as a way to excuse the assaulters actions. Someone close to me was sexually assaulted this year, after I wrote this essay and with that in mind this essay only holds more significance and weight for me than ever before. The stories of past victims inspired this topic and their bravery and strength made it possible.

My lyrical essay and intention statement are attached below:

With the audial part of my lyrical essay it took a couple of tries to get through recording it as spoken word poetry. The process was emotional as what I was saying, my words were very intense. I recorded it on my recorder a few times and then took the best version to ProTools where I edited out as many blips and clipping sounds as possible, but I also aimed to keep some of the authenticity in my voice. I also added SFX that enhanced my story. The sound of breaking of glass, the engine of a car, the pouring of coffee, the closing of a door sound bites added, made the story feel more real.

My ProTools Session for this audio.
The final album cover for my lyrical essay.

I then worked on the album cover for my spoken word poem audio. I decided to use clothes I owned all of which could unfortunately leave me in the situation described in my poem at any point in my life. A short plaid skirt, purple corduroy pants, a lilac tank top, a red sweatshirt from Alaska, a Groot Guardians of the Galaxy oversized tee and mom jeans. I added some filters and saturated tones, used blurs and overlays to symbolizing the disorientation that comes with sexual assault during and long long after.

My Lyrical Essay audio is attached below.

I found the process of this project and production in general a very good opportunity to discuss a topic that is very taboo but is so so so crucial to understand and happens to the majority of women on this earth. This project gave me the space to share thoughts through a form of art I was much less comfortable with before accomplishing it and allowed me to create a product I am so immensely proud of and serves as one of my favorite works I have ever created during my time at Freestyle.