The overall goal of the reflections unit is to gain an understanding of how we are as individuals about to make our mark on the world. It is essentially a unit of self -reflection in the hopes of gaining knowledge about who we are now and who we are meant to be as well as helping us with some of that college essay writing. I’ve learned I’m someone who values growth tremendously through the projects we have come to create. In English I wrote essays about personal growth and understanding of myself as well as an essay discussing what I believe and why what I believe is important to me. The mandala I created in Digital Media, is one that exemplifies building and growing as each design was added on top of one another to come together as one, creating a finished product. It also exemplifies the ideal of letting go and being free from constraints rather than stressing so much about what is harder to control; a lesson I’ve desperately needed to learn during the college application process. Lastly, in Design, I stayed on the topic of growth creating a public service announcement poster that symbolized the importance of taking chances to grow.