I wrote this goal when I was 8. It's a decade later and I am so happy to know that my goals in the future are going to be about things I am passionate about and find joy in. No longer will my goals be about getting good grades on standardized tests but they'll actually be about creating artwork that makes a positive impact and I am so inspired by the prospect of attaining those more important...

Current Events

Although this photo was taken at a black lives matter protest over the summer of 2020, I still think it's message is applicable today as Breonna Taylor's justice still has not been served and black lives are still in danger. The message also however applies to the rising number of AAPI hate crimes happening in this country and how we need to start caring and working to prevent more lives from...

Work Work Work

A jewelry maker in Venice When I was in Venice I saw incredible art through its architecture, and museums but also through its people. Glassblowing is the most famous art making derived from Venice and that glass is used to make jewelry. One of the artists who's store we visited showed us her process and it was incredible to see that this was her job; she enjoyed her work and being an artist.

Who Inspires You

This week were assigned to showcase a photo of someone who inspires us and I chose my cousin Pranavie (left) because she is a one of my biggest role models. She is beyond kind, and compassionate, unapologetically herself and beautiful inside and out.

Your Habits

This week we were told to be inspired by the word habit, and I thought this photo I took was a fairly good symbol of that. Putting my feet on the dashboard is one of my bad habits and so is drawing on myself, if you notice the little "hi" on my ankle.


An exit on the Highway in Almaden Valley. This week we were challenged to take a photo inspired by the word "exit" and I decided to choose a photo from a drive with my dad when we were about to exit on Highway 85, that I took when the sky was gorgeous and I was in a good mood.