About Me

My name is Tyler Crissman and I am a part of the Los Altos High School class of 2023. I moved from Seattle when I was young and have lived in Los Altos ever since. A few of my personal core values are loyalty, kindness, and creativity. I have always been creatively inclined and have specific interest in the fields of drawing, film, and music. I always enjoyed drawing pictures of characters, specifically from movies and comic books, such as Star Wars and DC comics. As far as movies go I have always enjoyed comedy movies, like Talladega Nights, fun actions movies, such as Kingsman, and good horror movies, including Scream and Alien.

Outside of school, I tend to enjoy hanging out with my friends, playing sports, and playing video games (usually with friends as well). I have been playing Lacrosse for 12 years as of my graduation, ever since 1st grade, and have loved playing it the whole time, particularly as I have gotten some of my closest friends into the sport. I enjoy most video games I play however some of my favorite experiences have been playing Call of Duty Zombies, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, and Dead by Daylight with friends. As mentioned prior I enjoy music too. I enjoy listening to it whenever I get the chance, whether I am driving, doing chores, or working on homework, I have music on in the background. I am mainly a hip-hop/rap fan and some of my favorite artists include Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and The Weeknd. My favorite albums from them being My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Good Kid Maad City, and House of Balloons, respectively.

Junior year, I went int expecting myself to make quality projects at freestyle, and grow my talents in film making and other forms of media. At Los Altos High School, I expected to have good grades and to learn a lot about the subjects of my core classes. Those being Trig Honors, AP US History, and Physics. I also expect that I will be able to help sustain a healthy balance of school, extra curricular, and social life.

As a graduated senior, I can confidently say that I accomplished all of this, and my expectations were shattered in the best way possible.

Tyler Crissman