A picture of me after a softball tournament!

Hello! My name is Annie Marcelino, and I am currently a junior at Mountain View High School. I am Filipino-Korean American. My friends would describe me as creative and thoughtful, as well as stubborn and “prone to brain-farts”. I love painting, and I enjoy exploring new ideas through my artwork. One of the long-term ideas I’ve been exploring is cultural identity, so you’ll see a lot of Korean and Filipino elements in my artwork; I love to merge the two. The most obvious element is usually my color palette, which is often inspired by Korean temples. I also take inspiration from other artists, such as Gustav Klimt, Hieronymus Bosch, Jean Dubuffet, and Egon Schiele (check them out!!).

If you were to ever find an Annie in the wild, you’d probably see me chasing down my runaway cat or tripping over my bright-pink roller skates. If you examined even closer, you may spot me procrastinating my physics homework while jamming out to musical tunes. Actually…you probably wouldn’t have to examine that closely, because you’d be able to hear my screeching (singing along) from the next town over. My current go-to soundtracks are Falsettos, Mamma Mia, and 36 Questions. Mamma Mia is actually my “hype music” for my second favorite hobby – softball – although it is more a “lifestyle” than a hobby. My friends already know not to ask if I’m free over the weekend, because they already know the answer: “Can’t, I’ve got softball”. My first favorite hobby is drawing, of course.

I expect a lot from myself this year, both good and bad things. Ideally I expect myself to stay organized, using my planner and writing down reminders and dates. I also expect myself to submit my best work in. I want to have a balanced lifestyle, leaving space to study while still giving myself breaks to relax and read. It’ll be difficult to balance softball, art class, and school, but I’ll make it work. Realistically, I expect a lot of late nights staying up, hunched over a computer frantically cramming in an assignment that’s already late. I also expect to see a lot of empty coffee cups littered around my room. A. Lot. I hope to find an attainable middle ground, pushing myself to be good while not over-stressing on being perfect.