The project

“How can you find, explore, and/or expand your passion?”
For the Explorations Project, all Junior Freestyle students will explore his/her own passion and improve upon a particular skill set that addresses 21st Century Skills.

Imagine a cop movie, where the cops don’t have uniforms, badges, or accessories. Wouldnt be a very good cop movie.
One of the main keys to creating an immersive world in the film is the visuals. And seeing as the characters will be on screen most of the time, it’s important to make their appearance represent them.

the process

In my personal project, I began by researching, researching, and researching. After learning what the process entailed it was time for me to put my skills to the test.

After the immense debate, I decided to base my costume on stranger things. A new season had come out at the time and I was completely sucked in by it, so what better way to immerse myself even deeper than to design a costume?

I began by choosing a character, I chose Dustin seeing as he was my favorite. Dustin has sort of a nerdy personality and always a positive attitude. In extremely tense times Dustin’s always making a joke and bringing some brightness to this somewhat dark story.

After researching who Dustin was I was able to sketch up something I think that he would wear. I don’t exactly have the best artistic ability but I was able to more or less draw something.

Now that I had an Idea it was time to gather the resources. I went to multiple thrift stores and just got a ton of used clothes and they ended up being cheap which was cool.

I was able to work with my dad and his sewing machine which ended up being a super cool experience. I found a bunch of challenges along the way and realized that denim is not exactly the easiest material to work with. In addition to the denim work I did, I attempted to DIY screen print a design onto a tee shirt. At first, it was super cool but ended up feeling like I just glue-stuck a piece of paper to it.

The final product