Narrative Visual Perspective in Digital Media

In this semester of digital media, we had tons of opportunities to put our skills to use and “Create”. Through various means, we were taught to create some super cool stuff. The biggest one is Our multi-layered art project. In this project, we were tasked with brainstorming, producing, and building our choice of stacked wood, light boxes, and wood stands. I chose to team up with the same partner, Nick, who I worked with on my English worldbuilding assignment. This assignment was a big struggle for me because there were a lot of parts that we had to do, so when I’d take a long time on a single part I would delay the finish date. After finally sketching, and drawing our layers in Adobe Illustrator, we were able to laser carve it out into real paper. We then continued to build it which looked like this:

Similarly to building physically building it, we had to construct each layer of paper in Photshop Prior which began looking more and more hectic as it progressed.

Final Product