Narrative Visual Perspective in English

To start off our second semester of English we were tasked with the utmost project. To create our very own world. Now, there are a lot of ways to interpret that, however, we quite literally had to create an entire world based on our own ideas and creativity. We started off by studying what goes into creating a world and some of the other aspects of storytelling. This itself was really cool because it gave insight into the techniques and strategies in stories and worlds we’ve previously known about.

The process

To begin my worldbuilding I teamed up with my friend, Nick, who I knew had a similar creative taste. We both enjoy fantastical and fictional worlds similar to Japanese anime. In order to fit our English theme at the time we wanted to incorporate AI, seeing as it’s a nearing problem. We also enjoyed the sort of Sci-Fi nature look so we decided to make the setting of our world a futuristic Post-Apocalyptic Forest.

The company, Codec, promised the human race a better future. One where AI would make life easier for everyone. Everyone in the world trusted Codec with everything. Codec slowly was able to gain control of the entire world, with everyone using their products. However, the humans put so much trust into the AI that it turned on them, inciting the incident. In the year 2047 the incident occured. It wiped out more than 70% of the human population and forced the remaining humans underground. AI have used the power of photosynthesis to power themselves into functioning creatures, by linking with already organic animals they are able to take control of their bodies and minds to control the corpse themselves. By obtaining the power of nature, AI is able to implement the power of technology and infuse it with natural organisms by taking over their bodies with cybernetics. These cybernetics that are infused into the organism kill the host body and give full control of the body to the AI hive mind. The AI hive mind connects all of the AI around the world, like the way bees go out for pollen, the AI seems to want full control of the world, however certain creatures seem friendlier than others.

This unit was super cool and gave me a chance to really be creative in whatever way I like. Writing the story felt more like fun than work and every class was so much more engaging. The project was amazing and alongside it came some awesome work.