The documentary project was probably the most challenging projects ever in my Freestyle years. Our assignment was to explore a topic that we choose, and gather research by Interviewing the right people.

I have to say, I don’t really watch a lot of documentary films/shows, so I don’t really know how you make a documentary. But that doesn’t mean that I hated it. I had a lot of fun exploring a topic that is relevant to my life, and it also was my first time I ever interviewed someone.

My Interview subject was about Immigrants from Israel, and how they look at their lives at the USA compared to Israel. I decided to interview three people that I know: a child, a teenager, and an adult. I decided to do that to get multiple perspectives on that subject because moving to other countries can affect you differently depending on your age. I learned more about my interviewees, and I heard a lot of great stories that they told me. It was a really special project to do because I have been through the same not so long before I worked on the project.

Book Of Life

Our Documentary Design project was probably the hardest, and complex project I ever did for Freestyle. Our task was to design a book or article about our documentary topic. First I made up questions for the interviewees, and I recorded all the three interviews. I wrote the whole three interviews on paper and added the text to a software called InDesign, the software where we designed our books. After I took some photos of the interviewees and more, I added those up and made the book. It was the most complex project I did for Freestyle because it requires a lot of work and skills to make the book interesting to look at. You have to experiment a lot, and sometimes the software doesn’t save your progress and even crashed at some points. But after all that hard work, I was really happy with the final product and was very excited to hold the physical book on my hands.



A family movie

The project in Animation was to create an Animated film about one of my interviewees. what is so special about this project is that the story is based around my sister story, and how she dealt with moving to America. It was really interesting to see what she has gone through from her point of view. When my extended family saw this film, I heard that some of them actually cried, because they really miss us, and they really enjoyed to see that we miss them too when I referenced them in the movie. I enjoyed doing this project because it kind of reminded me of the Narrative 1 project, but only this time it has dialogues. This is also my first project that combines both animation and live-action footage.