Exploration is the final project in the junior year, and it was a really weird project to me. what I needed no do for this project is basically: Anything I want. I could explore my project deeper this time, without any limitation. I decided to try out a new software called Zbrush, which I’m going to learn alone how to make 3D models. It was really interesting to see how I started this project, to how I finished it. It’s really entertaining.


First of all… Researching

Our task in Design class was to come up with an infographic that explains our topic, in a visual poster. I decided to focus on the history of 3D models, and search how it started and how it evolved to today’s medium.


The project

My goals for this project was to learn the very basics of the software and then finally make my final models. I wanted to learn that subject because nowadays, 3D animation is rising like never before, so I was curious about how they make those films, and how different it is from 2D animation.


NevoS- Explorations