Narrative 2

A 3D expirience

My first project in Animation was really fun one. we learned in Maya how to animate a character. we chose already made models, and we started to make walk cycles. it was really fun, because it’s almost like to animate a puppet.

After we practiced on MAYA and modeled objects and animate characters, we started to work on our big project. Our narrative project. My Idea was to create a story about a teacher who have hard difficulties with children, and gets really mad when a soccer ball breaks the window.

This is a part of the storyboard

One of the most difficult thing about this film was to create the environment around Charlotte, the main character. It was quite hard to make the objects and the textures, and especially the lights, because for some reason the software had problems with the lights. at least it wasn’t a problem to animate the character, even though it required a lot of thinking and planning.

A screenshot of the film without rendering and textures.

After a long and really hard work, I finally managed to finish my film. I am really proud with what I did and had a lot of fun working on this project.

A Free Mandala

In Digital Media class, our teacher Mr. Florendo asked us to a mandala on Adobe Illustrator. At first I didn’t really knew why we’re doing a mandala and what does it have to do with Digital media. But then he showed us something really cool. Instead of drawing the entire mandala on our own, we only need to select one area of the mandala, draw on it, and it would just copy my drawings to the other areas of the mandala. That made my work a lot easier, and I enjoyed to create this artwork and to experiment with brushes I never used before. It was an enjoyable experience for me.

I also made a colored Mandala

Our next assignment is to create a video that showed us how we created the mandala. I just hide my layers in Illustrator, and opened them one by one.

Our next assignment was to create a Zap code, in which people can scan it and see my mandala video and my reflection. It was really cool making it, and had a lot of fun creating this.

Note: in order to make this work, you have to download the “Zappar” app, and than scan the black and white symbol.

Our next project in Digital Media class is to create our freedom project. What is Freedom Project, you may ask? it’s basically everything we want to, that relies on something we learned this year. I chose to take the song I created and give it a visual representation. That’s when I had the idea to make a video on After Effect and make the object to move, Kind of like a 3D movie.