Tell a Lie

Photo of the sunset in Nassau, Bahamas. This week we were challenged to choose a photo that tells a lie" with the expression "the camera never lies" in mind. I chose this photo because in the original picture the moon wasn't nearly as bright and the sky was barely pink and mostly blue, but through the power of editing I was able to change the temperature and saturate the pink tones in the photo....


A photo outside my apartment after a rainstorm. This week we were challenged to photograph "serenity", and what that means to us and skies have always been something that truly brings me peace and makes me feel serene. Whenever I step out of my apartment during sunset or after it had rained a bit I always take a few minutes to just stare at the sky and be in awe of its beauty because a beautiful...

No Filter

A photo of a sunset from my trip to Portugal. This week we were challenged to take a photo of any subject of our choosing but without editing and filters. I chose a photo I took in Portugal of a beautiful sunset that didn't need a filter.


A card from the singing valentine I got in freshman year. This week we were challenged to take a photo inspired by the word anonymous. The first thing that came to mind with that word, was the time I got a singing valentine in freshman year with no name and I still don't know who it's from.


Ticket stubs from a good day in 2017. This week we were challenged to be inspired by trash. While this ticket stub may seem like trash and the movie we watched was trash, this day was the first day I hung out with one of my now, best friends.

Black and White

A photo of my friends Clara and Janya. This week we were challenged to take a photo with an array of tones and values that are showcased well in black and white. This is a picture of my friends Janya and Clara at a park and I thought value was shown well here.
Colorful balloons in the sky with rolled-up lists attached to the end of their strings.


This photo of balloons in the sky was taken last December in the Bahamas on my own DSLR. This week we were challenged to take a picture of something inspired by the concept of weight and mass. I chose a photo I took during Christmas time where balloons with Christmas lists attached were released into the sky by kids at my resort in the Bahamas.
A green maple leaf floating in a light blue pool of water.


A leaf floating aimlessly in my pool. We were challenged to take a photo that represented our mood or feelings and the feelings of this day were mostly isolation and loneliness. Sometimes we go through periods of time in which we feel this way and I saw this sole leaf floating by itself in this vast pool and felt compelled to relate it's position to my feelings.