I wrote this goal when I was 8. It's a decade later and I am so happy to know that my goals in the future are going to be about things I am passionate about and find joy in. No longer will my goals be about getting good grades on standardized tests but they'll actually be about creating artwork that makes a positive impact and I am so inspired by the prospect of attaining those more important...


I took this photo of a bear statue in some weird obscure shop over winter break. I think this little bear is something my friends would believe resembles me a little because I act like little child constantly and I sit in weird positions that are not good for my back. I'm just a little, I hate this word but, silly and maybe even endearing sometimes (I hope) and this little bear resembles those...

Using Props

This week we were assigned to photograph using props. Here is a photo of my friend's dog Marble and the prop used is sunglasses. I think the use of this prop made this photograph a million times better.

Deadly Sins

This week we were challenged to tell a compelling photographic story inspired by the seven deadly sins: Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed and Sloth. I chose to tell a story of anger and envy. This is a photo I took of my friend Roo. I am angry and envious of her nose because it is really cute and I want it for myself.

Current Events

Although this photo was taken at a black lives matter protest over the summer of 2020, I still think it's message is applicable today as Breonna Taylor's justice still has not been served and black lives are still in danger. The message also however applies to the rising number of AAPI hate crimes happening in this country and how we need to start caring and working to prevent more lives from...