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Anna Majorek About Me

As someone with a passion for art and graphic design, I value being able to express myself. Expressing myself through my work helps me describe emotions/experiences that I can’t convey through words, and being able to learn while expressing myself artistically is a big part of why I am taking freestyle. I inspire and draw from (pun intended) everyday experiences and books I read. I aspire to one day be able to pursue graphic/web design as a full time job, but until that is a possibility I am completely happy with doing it as a hobby. 

What do I value about Freestyle?

  • I value being a part of the Freestyle community
  • I value having the opportunity to take classes I otherwise would not have been able to take
  • I value the opportunities freestyle opens up for my future life/career
  • I value being able to use technology I would have otherwise not have had the opportunity to 


But most of all…

I value being able to express myself while learning!

The opportunity to have the tools and education to be able to express myself effectively and percicely in ways everyone understands and learns from is something I will use in the rest of my life.  


Majorek, Anna-Resumé

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