I believe that Freestyle has helped me venture into my ultimate dream of being a video editor/photographer that is reliable, ready to go, and willing to work with; particularly for clothing brands and artists. This page is for various art styles / video effects that I’ve attempted. I’ve taken photos for people created edits for myself, and am planning to shoot music videos for some artists in the near future.


I figured out a way to use a tool called Ultra Key in Adobe Premiere Pro, and then added a lot of color and warp effects from Adobe After Effects.




After learning how to use the Ultra Key, I wanted to create something for myself. I filmed a video of my flowers, and I instantly, for some reason, thought of the movie, “Requiem for a Dream,” and its depressing ending. I thought the flower represented the obsessive use of drugs throughout the film, so I compiled clips of all the drug scenes from the movie. 


An album cover I created on Adobe Illustrator for an artist.


Late night drive; while watching the road pass by, I could envision so many different things going on, and this is one of the moments I was able to recreate.