About Me

Welcome to my website! My name is Elen Parry. I am a student at Freestyle Academy. Here is where you’ll find all the projects I’ve done at Freestyle Academy, and some of my own personal projects.

My junior year of Freestyle, I chose to take Animation because I’m really interested in film, and have a background in drawing, so I combined the two.

My Senior year of Freestyle, I switched my elective, and chose to take Film instead. I realized in the summer leading up to Senior year that my interests had shifted. I was less interested in Animation as a job, and more interested in pursuing a Film degree. I still animate in my free time, but I feel now that the ideas and tools I’m learning in Film is pushing me in the direction I want to pursue.

Outside of school, I’m most likely playing soccer, drawing, or painting. I’ve been drawing practically my whole life and I started painting around 4th grade. I’ve always loved using acrylic paints but I took an Oil Painting class last year and I really enjoyed it, and started Oils over Acrylic. Recently, I’ve mainly been practicing my digital painting skills in Photoshop. Digital art is very important at Freestyle, so I practice it as much as I can to improve the quality of my work here. I play club soccer at Red Star Soccer Academy, as well as playing on the MVHS Varsity Girls Soccer team.

I knew I wanted to be a student at Freestyle Academy since I was in 8th grade. I remember visiting campus during the End of Year Exhibition, and walking around in awe. I was never a good student, my teachers can attest to that. I wouldn’t try, I would just do the bare minimum needed to pass. But once I joined Freestyle, I realized that I couldn’t. To not try here would be a massive waste of resources. This school is such a unique opportunity. I worked harder here than I’ve ever worked in my life.

I owe my career path to Freestyle Academy. I’m attending UC Santa Cruz in the fall. I plan on majoring in the Film/Digital Media Program, a major I never would’ve realized I enjoyed if it weren’t for Freestyle. Thank Freestyle, for everything.