The definition of “Zenith” is “the time in which something is most powerful or most successful.” The Zenith Project is the last big project of Freestyle. It’s when you put all the skills you’ve learned from your two years, and make a final big thing.

My Zenith Project originally was a documentary. I was going to do a documentary on sustainable fashion, and talk about the impact the fashion industry has on the environment and climate change. I reached out to six companies to interview but I only every hear back from one of them. And it was “no.” Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place, and with no companies to interview, this project was no longer a possibility.

My new Zenith became something completely different. My mom is a third grade teacher, and during the shelter-in-place, she had no way to teach her students. She asked me to make her a website, and then, my new Zenith started. I created a website, and filmed instructional videos for her students.


The first step was to create the website. I used WordPress because I am used to using WordPress because of Digital Media.

Completed Project

Here’s the link to the website! All videos are there too.


If I’m being honest, this wasn’t my favorite project. I was really excited to do my documentary, and I was really upset when I had to abandon it. I loved that I got to help my mom with something, but did this feel like the top of the Freestyle Mountain, where all of my skills come together to create an amazing final project? No.