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In our weekly photo challenge, one of the photos we were asked to take were photos about what inspires us.


Me wearing my graduation cap and drinking an Izze. The Izze wasn’t good.

Yesterday, my friends and I met to decorate our graduation caps together. We stayed six feet apart the whole time, wore gloves, and followed all the rules. It was great to see everyone again, I hadn’t seen them in person since March.

The future is a scary thing. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to do in life, and the idea of graduation makes it even scarier. This part of my life is over but I have no idea what I want to do for the next one.

The future is scary yes, but it’s also exciting. Once the shelter-in-place ends (stay inside, don’t be an idiot), I’ll be able to GO to college. I’ll be in a major that I’m really excited about, and meet new people! Yes, the future is scary, but it’s like snowboarding. At the top, you’re terrified, but once you start going down the mountain, all you can feel is excitement.



Frog cookie! A family friend gave this to me after I found out I got into one of my top colleges. It was a very nice thing to do and it also tasted really good. This was back in February when my film partners and I stayed at Freestyle editing our film until 1 am. The sheer amount of sugar in this cookie kept me going.

Current Events


My family and I started self-isolating the day school ended (March 14th). Since then, I went on daily walks, because that’s pretty much the only thing to do. After doing this for a week, walking became boring. So instead, I’ve been long-boarding. My board is a Sector Nine Bamboo Puerto Rico Longboard that I got back in 2013 and it’s great. Doing this instead of walking is more fun, but the streets by my house aren’t super smooth so I’ve fallen off a couple of times because my wheels keep getting stuck in the gravel.


Hippo Campus Concert 2018

This was from a concert at the Fillmore back in 2018. It’s probably the best photo I’ve taken at a concert, all the others I’ve ever taken have been blurry or too bright. I love listening to music, you hardly ever see me without headphones in. But there’s something so special about seeing a band live. Hearing the songs you listen to come to life in a packed room, everyone around you screaming the lyrics. I love music, and I love concerts too.


Chartroom at work

Over the summer, I got a job at an optometrists office. Quite a weird first job, I know. I went for an appointment, joked about how I needed a job, and they offered me one. I worked as an “optical assistant”. I cleaned the displays of glasses, alphabetize the chartroom, and check in the glasses. When the glasses arrived at the office, I’d check the prescription, package the glasses, and contact the patient. Working in the chartroom was the worst. They were in the process of digitizing their files, so I had to go through every file, and alphabetize everything. Despite the chartroom, it was actually a really fun job! The people I worked with were really nice and understanding when I made mistakes, and I had a lot of fun there!


Red Star Soccer 02G Team

I’ve been playing for Red Star since the 2nd grade. I was on the first ever girls team for the club, and I’ve loved every season. I had to leave the club and play for MVLA for a few seasons due to people leaving and not having enough players for a team. I enjoyed my time at MVLA from 6th to 7th grade, but I missed Red Star. In 8th grade, NorCal changed their age rules, meaning I could go back to Red Star, and I didn’t hesitate to say yes after they asked me to come back. We’ve won seasons and lost tournaments together. We help each other out whenever we can, and I’m very grateful for everyone on the team.

My Habits

My sister and I at MVHS Graduation in 2018

I have a really bad habit of comparing myself to my sister. I used to get really jealous of her success, and feel as if I could never live up to her success. I’m better now though, I’ve realized we’re two different people with different strengths and weaknesses. Comparing my life to her’s doesn’t do anything but make me stressed.