Narrative Visual Perspective in English

Listener Lyric Essay

A lyrical essay is an essay written in the style of poetry. The assignment to create your own lyrical essay was assigned to us after reading Citizen. We were tasked with interviewing someone on their life experiences, and creating an essay based on them. I interviewed someone with OCD (I promised to keep their name anonymous) and this is the essay I created based off their experiences with their OCD.

There is no “we”

The water soothes

The water cleans

The water hydrates the voice

Our hands are contaminated

Wash them

Don’t listen to it

If we do not wash our hands we will kill our family

Anything we touch

Will die

Ignore the rising pit in your stomach.

Embrace the fear, it will be gone soon

Don’t listen…

Our jacket sleeve could’ve grazed the rat poison on our way out the garage

There is no “we”

We touched that part of the sleeve when we were taking our jacket off

There is no “we”

There is rat poison on our hands, on the walls, in the air. It’s suffocating

There is no “we”

We’ve have contaminated the world. We are a disease that will 

kill them all

There is “we”

It’s latched itself to your brain and began digging its malicious claws into you

The brain stops working. Stopped churning and moving. And so do you. 

The voice eats away at the very essence of you, and all that’s left is hand washing, picking, pulling, and cracking. 


Cracking of the skin around your thumbs. 

Cracking of the reality around you

Cracked holes that make you afraid to live

Afraid to touch anything

Afraid of contamination

Afraid of death

Your fear has consumed you.

Your sister is afraid of you, as she sees you screaming on the kitchen floor begging your parents to wash their hands, you think you’ve sentenced them to die

You deface an amateur family portrait she’s created. Your stick figure self is scribbled out with three letters looming across the top of your head, controlling you like a marionette. 




This is who you are now – you are no longer yourself – you are your illness.

You scream into the abyss, and the abyss screams back

You need help.

Don’t talk to that therapist, there is nothing wrong with us. 

She doesn’t understand. We are contaminated. 

There is no “we”

We need to die

She tells you to split your brain from the voice

It’s the only way to protect your family

Pry its claws away from your mind.

We need to die

you are not the voice

We need to-

It’s a malignant shadow consuming you, your life. And you must break free from its grip. 

We need-

Give it a name, it will help you defeat it faster


There is no “we”

There is only “you”

And you will defeat this

There will be a day the voice won’t be there

Just make sure you’re there to see it. 

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Introduction to Podcast Unit

Podcasts are an accessible source of content that many people like. It integrates communication and technology, two core values of Freestyle Academy.

We chose to make our podcast about plants because of a podcast we listened to early on in this unit.

About this Podcast

Our podcast is about plants! Bella and I talk about our favorite plants, provide tips on how to grow plants, and educate listeners on the many health benefits from keeping plants

Podcaster Bios

Bella and Elen are seniors at Freestyle Academy. We are both film students, and enjoy plants. We made this podcast in hopes of encouraging our fellow students to grow and appreciate plants.



Here’s our podcast


This podcast was very difficult. I don’t like hearing my voice, and I had to hear it a lot over the course of this project. I also am not very good at using Pro Tools and Reason. We had to make our own music for the intro and outro and I didn’t know how to begin. But there were a lot of positives that came out of this podcast too. I learned how to be patient with myself when I misspeak or stutter. I also learned how to be ok with the fact that it doesn’t sound professional. I’m a student, it’s a student production. We don’t have a massive budget which covers expensive microphones and writers. Mistakes are going to happen, and you have to deal with it.