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In our weekly photo challenge, one of the photos we were asked to take were photos using compositional techniques.

Using Props

Over winter break, my family went to visit family in the UK. Our second day there, my grandmother took my sister and I to Kew Gardens. This photo was taken inside the greenhouse, literally one of the prettiest buildings I’ve ever been in. I brought a 35mm film camera with me and used most of the film roll in this building. Haven’t gotten it developed yet.

Color Theory

Cortona, Italy

I love how there are really only four colors visible in this photo; black, orange, purple, and pink. And yet, with only four colors, this photo looks really cool.

Rule of Odds

Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco

We look very contemplative and serious in this photo. But I’m pretty sure Syd was showing me a meme on her phone when this photo was taken. Nonetheless, the colors and framing make this a really cool photo.

Rule of Thirds Emotion

My friend and I at Alpine Meadows at the top of Summit

I love snowboarding. Around the end of the first semester, with finals and everything, I get so stressed out. I kind of forget to have fun because I’m so worried about exams and projects. The thought of snowboarding always gets me through this time of year. This year, I started checking the snow reports in SEPTEMBER. I’m desperate to get back to Tahoe. This photo, to me, represents happiness. I’m on top of a mountain, with one of my closest friends, preparing to glide down a mountain at high speed. I couldn’t be happier.


My face in three different ways; symmetrical to the right, left, and normal
My face.

This week, we had to use Photoshop to make our faces symmetrical. It required a lot of clipping masks and errors on my part. I’m no the best when it comes to technology.