About Me!

Miranda Hernandez


My name is Miranda Hernandez Teodoro and I am a student at Mountain View High and Freestyle Academy. At Freestyle I take English, Design, and Digital Media.

I chose to take Freestyle because I wanted to go beyond my current creative and challenge myself to uncover new skills that otherwise wouldn’t have reached me quite yet. For that reason I plan to make the most of it as Freestyle continues to push me beyond my comfort zone and challenges me to explore.

Outside of school, I enjoy reading, sketching clothing designs, and walking through nature. While reading helps fuel my imagination with different worlds and cultures, nature helps bring peace into my life. I aspire to become a fashion designer and run my own brand. I greatly value being unique though I struggle to distinguish my own design from other influences. Additionally I value being honest and understanding. But above all I value happiness. Last but not least, I enjoy hanging out with friends, going wherever the road leads us, and spending time with my family.

Now that a school year at Freestyle Academy has come to an end, all I have left to say is that I am immensely elated that I gave it a shot. I was very excited and nervous, very nervous, as I began to explore these subjects through a different lens; it truly helped me discover different pathways. I started to diverge from artistic projects that I enjoyed, to projects that raised many questions and apprehension, yet that ultimately challenged myself to go out of my comfort zone. Especially Digital Media. Due to how, I personally consider myself to be technologically challenged. It really kept me on my toes.

Reminiscing now, I acknowledge it has been a difficult year, for some more than others, I now wish I had not focused on more of the downs. Nevertheless, I feel worlds more confident with my capabilities than when I first started. Now looking forward, I hope to give it all ;D !