Narrative Illustration

In our design project, our task was to Illustrate a creature in Adobe Illustration, and the creature is based on the characteristic of the main character from our flash fiction story in English. The characteristic of our main character is translated into those characteristics of an animal, and this is how we created our creature.

My English flash fiction Story is about a dog named Twitter, who got abandoned by his owner and left in a park. The park is a place that the dog is unfamiliar with.

I started to think of the characteristics of my main character. With these traits, I searched online for some animal stereotypes that are associated with these character traits. Then I began to sketch an idea for my character. The traits include: happy like a dog, coward like a chicken, energized like a rabbit and shy like a turtle. We learned in class about linear perspective and about how to draw lines to show perspective. We had to put some linear perspective into our illustration, but I didn’t know where to fit this in, so I decided to design a cabin in the background. The most difficult part of this project was dealing with the software itself, (Adobe Illustrator) because I didn’t know how to use that software before. In my story, when there is the scene of the dog getting abandoned, the sky is grey, so I decided to give my character some winter clothes like a sweater and gloves. I decided that instead of using a park like in my story, to place my Illustration in the forest. This is because the forest is vast and it’s a metaphor for feeling like a small creature in the real world. I am very pleased with my work, and I think I did a great job. If I could change something, maybe I could add some details like shadows to the character and the environment.

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