About Me!

Hi! My name is Alayna Lee and I am currently a Junior at Mountain View High School and a Design I student at Freestyle Academy :)) Just another one of your local artists trying their best to bring some more creativity into daily life!

Outside of school, I enjoy playing with watercolors and digital and am always inspired from watching anime. I love socializing and talking with my friends whether its in real life or online through video games.

The initial reason I wanted to join Freestyle Academy was because I wanted to have that chance to learn more about different forms of art, and I thought Freestyle Academy would help me do that. I heard about so much positivity from Freestyle Academy students I’ve talked to in the past so I thought I would try it out! So far, I am starting to value art more as a whole; now realizing that art is so much more than just “drawing what I want.” I know now that have the ability to bring my art to a whole new level with each piece being able to have its own interpretive meaning behind it. Additionally, I find that Freestyle Academy allows me to stay in a safe haven with peers and teachers that are there to appreciate my art as an actual art piece and not just a piece of paper. It’s an expression of me, and I feel so grateful to work at Freestyle Academy where they understand the meaning of art, and will allow me to embrace it.

Reflecting on how this past school year has been, I am now able to recognize the struggles of designers and digital artists. I feel like I have been able to grow not only my own understanding of digital art applications but also more appreciation to other artists. It was important to me to be able to grow myself as a person as well, and being in Freestyle for a year now has shown me that art is more than creating the art but the process of it. Being able to express yourself through art is one of the main reasons why artists do what they do in the first place– and it is important to remember that. Another reason is being able to show your work to others and support others through it. I think that with my own meanings behind my designs, I have been able to grow my skills with these applications better than myself from when I first started. It shows me that inspiration and confidence when creating art is significant for being a digital artist.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. I appreciate you for viewing my page, and I hope you enjoy your stay here. Thanks for reading ♡

Alayna Lee