Hello and welcome! My name is Charissa Vesurai and from 2019-2021, I was a Junior and Senior at Freestyle Academy. Through the Freestyle classes film, English, and digital media, I was granted the opportunity to explore my creative interests in a school setting. I was extremely grateful for the supportive people in this tight-knit community.

I valued the uniqueness of this program. It was amazing to see how the teachers here effectively approached the curriculum. Rather than listening to a lecture and sitting in a traditional classroom, Freestyle classes were very interactive.

During my free time, I loved to kickbox, watch films, and listen to music. This program introduced me to many different creative mediums. I learned what I enjoy doing, but I also learned about what I don’t enjoy, which is essential in my journey to finding my passions. I love all types of art and am so thankful to have studied at Freestyle Academy.