For my Explorations project, I explored a personal passion and improved my skill set to create a final product that showed mastery.

I chose to research dialogue in film and write a 3-page scene to demonstrate mastery of this skill. I have always been interested in writing, however, I had never tried my hand at screenwriting. I thought this project was the perfect opportunity to explore this style of writing. I improved my technological literacy by making an infographic for my digital media class. I also practiced creativity and self-direction through writing a scene from a story I created.

This was one of my favorite projects during this year because I enjoyed the freedom of planning my own project. I value that it took creativity in both creating the assignment for myself, as well as completing it. I made sure to choose a topic I knew little about in order to grow out of my comfort zone.

This research based project began with an immense amout of reading articles from film school and critiques. I also watched a few videos which included perspectives from screenwriters and producers. With the knowledge I gained, I created an infographic to present to the class a summary of what I learned. I then looked for a scrip writing application and started working on my final product.

I wrote a three-page scene between a mother and daughter to show my mastery of this skill. After my research process, I first brainstormed general plot lines character traits. Even though I only wrote one scene, it needed to fit into a larger story. I spend most of my time revising and editing in order to have a dense final product.

Scenes from a Kitchen. Click to read my script!


I improved in a variety of different skills such as self-direction, creativity, and technological literacy. I learned the basic rules of screenwriting and I hope to continue using these skills for my future writing. Digitally, I became more comfortable with Adobe Illustrator which makes me a better digital artist. With another Adobe application added to my skill set, I have a larger variety of applications I can use.

Experimental Music

In digital media class, we were tasked with creating a piece of music.

FreestyleAcademy · Experimental Music By CharissaV (2020)

My experimental music production was inspired by the plot I created for my script in film. I wanted to create something that could soundtrack a scene in the theoretical film. I imagine this piece to play over a dramatic part where the main character goes to stand on top of a bridge to watch the cars pass by. She reflects on her life and breaks down emotionally as the music builds.

During production (Ableton)