About Me

In 2019-2021, I was a Junior and Senior at Freestyle Academy. taking Animation, Digital Media and English. The reason I decided to enroll in Freestyle Academy because I wanted to gain knowledge about becoming an animator and see if I like it to become my major in college. From my experience at Freestyle I learned a lot about animation over the two years, but now I finally found my passion and that is designing and illustration. Being able to learn a lot of things over the two years in both 2d and 3d animation has given me the chance to be able to explore and really decide if I want to continue to pursue. As someone who came in with little art experience and only knowledge based on watching and playing animated games a lot, I’ll say I learned an absurd amount. Being able to understand how to use softwares like Photoshop, AfterEffects, Maya and so many. others has made me feel more confident with what my future has to come. Even though animation I have to give credit to my other classes like English. English a subject that I hated for so long actually was actually a lot of fun being in Mr. Greco’s class. He taught English in a way that made both production as well as fun, going from learning to how to make a documentary to creating our very own podcasts. It wasn’t your average “read a book, then write an essay”, yes we had books and essays to do, but they weren’t the big focuses of the subject. Even the things we had to write were all very creative, allowing us to think as free thinkers. Finally with Digital Media, a class which I knew nothing about, but after the two years being there I’m very glad to take it. I learned a lot of being able to make somewhat top level production, music, design, and video making. Being able to things like 3d printing on clothing to making our own wooden mandala was a lot of fun. What I really enjoyed about Digital Media is the amount of options I can do with my art and not only relying on 2d or 3d drawing. With that, thats why I suggest that you join Freestyle as you’ll make a lot of friends, learn things that are useful, but also very fun, and it’s a great place to focus on your artistic talents.

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