This sub-page is dedicated to all of our sound related projects, using 2 applications: Pro Tools and Reason.


Pro Tools

We did use Pro Tools earlier in the school year, and this time around, we got to learn the various virtual instruments that Pro Tools had. We learned how to use the Boom Drum Machine, the Mini-Grand (piano), the DB-33 (organ), the Vaccum (synthesizer), the Structure Free and the XPand!2 (multi-channel plugins).

Image of ProTools interface

Here’s an image of the Pro Tools interface, and how a finished product could look like.

Image of some instruments in ProTools

Here’s an image of the Mini Grand, the Structure Free, the DB-33, and the Boom Drum instruments.

Image of some instruments in ProTools

Here’s an image of the XPand!2 and Vacuum instruments.




Reason was a brand new application for us to learn, and it also had a bunch of virtual instruments to learn. We learned how to use the Redrum tool, a keyboard hooked directly to our computers, the Dr. Octo tool, the RPG8 tool, the Matrix tool, and many more, which we used to create multiple pieces of music.

Image of Reason Interface

This is the Reason interface. On the left is the Browser, where you find all the different instruments. The top right has the mixer, where you can adjust the volume and the reverb of each instrument being played. The middle right has the Rack, which contains all of the instruments you are using. The bottom right has the Sequencer, which has all of the instruments in a sequence, with all of the notes being played. The very bottom has some settings, like the play buttons, the beat setting, and more.


 EDM 8-Bar Song

With our newly gained knowledge on Reason, we were told to create an 8-Bar EDM song using Reason. This song had to be 128 BPM, and was going to go into a combined EDM song that included everyone else’s 8-Bar songs. Mine isn’t exactly an EDM song, but I wanted to use a song that I knew, and revamp it a little bit so it did sound electric.

Heres the audio for my EDM 8-Bar song:

Here’s the class file: