This week’s photo, the final one, is about the future, and what is inspiring about it. The thing about that future that both interests me and concerns me is that anything can happen, good or bad, so here’s to a better future than being stuck at home during a pandemic that shut down school during your Senior year, basically acting as an early farewell so a lot of people you knew at school.


This week’s photo is about food. Just food. Here’s a picture of some cake. You want cake? Go for it. Enjoy it.

Current Events

This week’s photo was about current events, and what’s happening around at this time. I think this photo is very fitting for what’s going on, because on one hand, the internet here basically had a heart attack and needed to be fixed, which left us for weeks without reliable internet. On the other hand, the country is in pieces because of the Coronavirus, so this photo kinda captures both of those parts.


This week’s photo is about music, so I took a picture of my guitar along with a few sheets of music. As far as musical talent goes, I only know how to play classical guitar, and I’m not that good at it, but I can make a piece sound good with enough practice.


22 houses, took less than a year to finish.

A small park, took 3 1/2 years just to start.

This week’s photo was about work. Just work in general. I decided to make a fun joke and take 2 pictures here, showing the difference between work done by private builders from a company and work done by the government.

The Elements

This week’s photo is about one of the Elements, that being Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Spirit. My photo is about Water, where I took a picture of this cool fountain. I just like how the water falls and how the fountain looks.

Photo of ceiling with an overhead light.



Photo of ceiling with an overhead light.

This week’s photo was about what we were grateful for. I’m just grateful for having a roof over my head and working lights. I’m happy when the things I want to use are there when I need it and they work as intended.

Photo of my dad and grandfather.

Who Inspires You

Photo of my dad and grandfather.

This week’s blog was about who inspires us. This is a photo of my grandfather, Galaktion Jokhadze, sitting next to my dad. I never met him, as he died before I was born, but my dad would tell me of the many things that he did long ago, and I found it quite interesting, and it does inspire me.


Photo of a Nintendo Switch. with an image of a battle between Little Mac and Lucina on the screen.

This week’s post was about your habits, good or bad. Whenever I get tired of working or when I feel like it, I have a habit of grabbing my Switch, and playing Smash Bros. for some time, practicing the characters I like so I feel like I actually accomplish something.