Frame Within a Frame

This week’s photo is about using surroundings to make a frame within the picture. We used the trees and the fences to form a frame around my dad, and took a picture of it.

Using Props

This week’s photo was about creating effects using simple props. I made a reflection image using a Speed Racer figurine, a toy Mach 5, and the bottom side of a disc. For the sake of authenticity, the disc I used was a copy of Speed Racer: The Video Game for the Wii.

Depth of Feild

This week’s photo is about depth of field. I had my dad go on top of the parking garage so I could take a photo of him on top. He is quite far away from the camera, and I needed a shot that shows him as a part of something bigger, so he’s here, part of something big.


This week’s photo is about a person’s viewpoint, where you had to take a photo that would look like something coming from someone’s eyes. Here’s a photo of a person looking out of their car as there is a lot of fog up ahead.

Color Theory

This week’s photo is about the color theory, which is about how certain colors bring out certain emotions. This image of a tree has a lot of yellow and green on it, which would represent nature, and the joy and sunshine that would correspond with it.

Rule of Odds

This weeks about the rule of odds, which is mainly used for taking pictures of 3 objects and using 2 of the objects to make the 3rd one look more significant. This photo has the 2 bikes in the foreground with the 1 bike in the background.

Image of a window in a dark room.

Rule of Thirds Emotion

Image of a window in a dark room.

This week’s image was about portraying an emotion using the rule of thirds. The emotion being conveyed here is of isolation and feeling alone. I tried to put the window within the middle 3 boxes and the rest of the boxes be mainly filled in darkness as means of portraying the bottled up feelings people sometimes get.

Photo of a beam of light.


Photo of a beam of light.

This week’s photo had to do with speed lighting, where we would take a picture of swift motions involving light. I took a picture of a fast light beam, which kinda reminds me of a lightsaber swipe. I like that bit of blue glare on the top of the beam.