Tennessee Lake Sunset When being tasked to capture a photo with reflections I immediately though of this Sunset photo I took over the summer when stay at my Auns lake house in Tennessee. This photo was taken off of my camera on a early Sunday night off of a floating house boat in the hot […]

Tell a Lie

Floating Shirt This photo was taken with the inspiration of a lie. This shirt may look like it is photoshopped into the photo. But this shirt was created and placed in a Golf Wang store in New York City. ISO 100, 26 mm, f stop 1.5, shutter speed 1/120


The reason why I wanted to use a city for a photo that represents beauty in trash, is because cities like Auckland have trash everywhere when up close. But from a far there is a beautiful city skyline. Taken on a DLSR camera ( ISO 50, 29mm)


This photo was taken on a self timer of me looking up at the sky as it was raining. My reasoning for this photo representing my mood is because the weather was cold and rainy, when the weather is cold it is my favorite type of weather. Making me happy

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