Song cover( Viren S, Felicia W) This photo was taken in our very own Freestyle Academy, in the studio. The photo was taken when we were covering a song by Mac Demarco, I found this experience extremely eye opening to a different from music. ISO 150, f 1.3 20 mm, shutter speed 1.5

Small v Large

I saw this vibrant green little plant in my friends backyard, when I got up close to it I noticed all of the small finer details of a small. After taking this photo I thought to myself how many small things get looked over everyday.ISO 32, 25mm, f 1.8, 1/375 shutter speed


Earth Element I took this photo on a path walking into my friends home in New Zealand, with all of the vibrant greens and tropical trees lining the walk way. I thought that this was the best way to capture the Earth element. ISO 120 26mm f 1.8 shutter speed 1/70


Friends-Giving This year Thanksgiving was very special to me as I was able to share it with my friends and my family, a bunch of my friedns did a mock thanksgiving the day after to all come together, I brought mac n cheese. ISO 200, f 1.5 shutter speed 1/60 29mm


Tennessee Lake Sunset When being tasked to capture a photo with reflections I immediately though of this Sunset photo I took over the summer when stay at my Auns lake house in Tennessee. This photo was taken off of my camera on a early Sunday night off of a floating house boat in the hot […]

Tell a Lie

Floating Shirt This photo was taken with the inspiration of a lie. This shirt may look like it is photoshopped into the photo. But this shirt was created and placed in a Golf Wang store in New York City. ISO 100, 26 mm, f stop 1.5, shutter speed 1/120

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