For the Junior Documentary Project, we were challenged to portray an intriguing person, group, place, idea, or issue. By collecting primary and secondary research to back up our project. One of the main challenges we had to overcome during the process of making this project was to go out into our community and interview people that connected to our research topic. In English class we were tasked to write a 8 paged research paper consisting of sources and our interviews, and own takes on the topic. In Digital Media Class were created a magazine with the contents of the english paper. Also to make a Introduction video of the topic. In our design class we were assigned to create a hardcopy book that was made in Adobe InDesign. All of these assignments took over four months to make.

For my focus I chose to do a profile documentary, on my friend Jason Camron and his schooling experience though out alternative education. The reason why I wanted to focus on alternative education is because I hold alternative education very close to my heart as I am currently enrolled in an alternative education course. Also I think that people should learn more about the befits of alternative education. Even though the interview and research process was challenging it pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people in my community. I am also happy that I was able to shed a light on a overlooked reach issue that should be more popularized. I had so much creating this project and have learn a lot of valuable things in the process of making the documentary project.

Introduction Video

Heres is the full Intro Video

Here is the behind scenes look!

Research Paper

For this proton of the Documentary Project we were tasked to write a research paper, I conducted interviews and found secondary sources to support my claim. This paper took over a few months with countless revisions with the help of Mr. Greco, I was able to finalize and complete my research paper.

For each my interviews with each person I used a Tascam Audio Recorder, I utilized Premiere Pro to transcribe the audio , which proved valuable insight for my research paper. This transcript served as a valuable resource, enabling me to incorporate direct quotes that supported my arguments and supported my claims throughout the writing process.

Foothill Quad

Click here to see the full paper!

Interviewee Bios

One of interviewees is Suzan Woolfolk, Mrs. Woolfolk is responsible for all administrative duties associated with the school. Additionally, she she is the Director of all Alternative Programs in the Mountain View Los Altos School district. She over sees academic planning, course selection, and transcript analysis, as well as the creation and monitoring of 504 plans. The Reason why I thought that she would be the best person to interview is because she knows my topic better than anyone else.

When I came across the Idea of basing my Documentary project off of Jason Camron I knew I would be a fit. After talking with him for some time I was able to set up at interview. Durning the interview we talked abut his school life, what he likes to do, the interview felt more like a conversation. Jason Camron goes to Foothill Middle college and has been enrolled in Alternative schooling programs for most of his life. I am so glad that I was able to learn more from him.

Design Production


Photos were a very crucial in designing our book, for Design class. Photos helped paint the seen and the story that I was trying to show. I was so much fun moving to different places taking action shots, and landscape photos, of places like Foothill Middle College and Jasons house. For all of the photos I used my DLSR camera to take the best photos possible. This was by far the best part in the creation of the book.

Book Design Process

Another crucial part of the book was creating our own graphic design elements(GDE). The GDEs were placed throughout the book and added a consistency that was related to the documentary topic. I had a lot of fun coming up with these GDEs as it allowed me to use my graphic design skills to make by book pop with color!

The book process was long and titious but it was so much fun using all of my skills to create a book that I am extremely proud of. I feel so accomplished after now completing the book!

Finished Book

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