Narrative Perspective in Digital Media

Funny Images

Surreal Composition Project

For this project we had to create a surreal image using Adobe Photoshop. I wanted to create an image that was western feel and I took a lot of inspiration from the movie Astroid City. Many of the background features have strange objects like an orange for the sun in the background. I wanted the background to be a tare in a paper that children drew on. I’m proud of this project because I was able to use my skills in photoshop to blend multiple of the images together.

Here is the inspiration photo


Multi-Layered Art Project

Lightbox + After effects project

One of the most impressive aspects of my artwork is how the various layers create a sense of depth that draws the viewer in. I particularly enjoy how each layer of paper, despite being only about an eighth of an inch apart, appears to have more space between them due to the background lighting. My main challenge was visualizing how the layers in Illustrator would translate into a physical piece. I encountered some difficulties, such as accidentally covering up details on earlier layers with those placed in front of them.

Sketch of my design
Final Piece

3D video

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