This first semester at freestyle has been the most amazing, and with the conceptual it opened my eyes to many new things. Ive learned many Adobe programs like, Photoshop to help edit photos, Premiere pro for editing audio’s, and Adobe illustrator to draw my Narrative Creature in Design class. I have also learned learned how to make a Photo Haiku, as well as Flash fiction, and to diving into reading the books Red by John Logan and 1984 by Jorge Orwell to better understand the book. Also In my Digital Media class I have learned how to use all of the how to use DLSR cameras to create photo blogs through out the months.

Being at Freestyle has really helped me be able to open myself in many ways. I have been able to express my self creatively especially in the Conceptual unit, by being able to collaborate with new people and new programs in all of my classes here at Freestyle. The Conceptual unit has helped me open my eyes to many more opportunities, and to be able to work and collaborate with new people. With the short time at Freestyle that I have had so far, this school has helped me learn the learning blocks to become better at think out side of the box and being a more abstract thinker thanks to the help of the Conceptual unit.

Photo Haiku

In english class we were asked to create a Photo Haiku with an intension statement that we received. And to make a Haiku based around the intension statement that we were given. Then to take a photo that correlates to the haiku to give the reader a visual representation. After we composed the Photo Haiku in english class we were tasked to create a video of our Photo Haiku, adding animations to the text and color, as well as background music to the video haiku.

Behind the masterpiece

The biggest take ways from making this over all Photo Haiku and Video for the haiku is how I was able to create a Photo Haiku from scratch with something meaningful to me. And then be able to create and produce my first my video, with implementing sound and animations to my video. Also being grateful to have a technology and resources to produce my first ever video.


In our English class this year we were told to write a free verse poem from scratch, based off the tools and techniques we learned this year. And I our Digital Media class we recorded our poems and intention statements as well as adding sound effects and background music. In my poem I wrote about the problems in the ocean that need to be fixed.

Big Blue By Owen Leahy
Click on image to see my poem
Hear my poem

“Big Blue Ocean” is a free verse poem about the ocean and how people in their everyday life treat it. The speaker in this poem is the ocean itself. It sees all of the things that people do to the ocean like pollute it and fill it with trash and plastic.  In the first stanza, I used imagery to represent how often the ocean is being polluted .  When imagery ends in the first stanza I used rhyming to emphasize how the ocean is being trashed and harmed by the people who use the ocean. Ultimately, the pattern of  rhyming and repetition in this poem shows how the ocean is neglected, and the result of the ocean being neglected is filled with pollution.

I was particularly inspired by Billy Collins’  “The Trouble with Poetry” because the poem starts with the ocean and the beach and the sand reminds me of the ocean, and how big it really is. I tried to emulate the imagery I encountered in Billy Collins “The Trouble with Poetry” because I loved how in the first stanza he said“as I walked along the beach one night cold Florida sand under my bare feet ”. In order to improve this poem, I adjusted the perspective of the poem and who was speaking  in order to develop a more emotional poem. I want the reader to consider how the ocean feels, and if you were the ocean and you were being polluted and treated like trash. I want the reader to feel empathetic  with the ocean because of the damages that the world has caused to the “Big Blue Ocean”. In short, I would like my reader to come away with the realization that the ocean is still constantly being filled with trash and being polluted with very little change to stop this problem. Also with this problem it will start to affect the people who polluted the ocean.

One thing that I value about Freestyle is having the resources to make/do so many things. For example being able to learn the techniques about writing poems and art behind them. And then being able to record and edit music, as well as uploading photos to elevate your poem is amazing. I found to much to learn durning this proses of making and producing my poem this semester.

Behind the seen's of my Poem Mix
Behind the art work
This is a screenshot of my behind the seen's of editing my Free verse poem photo
The artwork in making Poem photo

Photoshop Blend Mode Editing Section

Durning this project I was able to pop out more color from my images. Also I was able to combine more than one image together as well as cropping images on to another photo. With these tools I am able to improve the overall quality of my photos for the future to make them stand out more.


During the Conceptual unit in Design we learned many new products and how to use them. Also in this semester we made the Alphabet Name photo, Conceptual Statement photo, and Miniature Figure Photoshop Practice. In this unit in Design, it has expose me to many new skills that I will be able to improve on throughout my time at Freestyle and in life. I cherish these skill that I have learned because I am able to show the world my creations that I make in my time here at Freestyle.

Alphabet Name

In our design class we were assigned to walk around the Freestyle campus and take photos of things that look like the letters in our name found in nature. After doing so we put the photos on to Adobe Photoshop and edit and put them in black and white. And last organized them into spelling our names.

photo of my name spelled out in nature
Final Produced
Behind the seen's look at the editing process
Behind the seen’s

Conceptual Photo

The Conceptual Photo was the first major project of this year. We were given a concept statement in our english class. And then were assigned to use the concept statement and correlate the statement with two object/things, and capture a photo of the pice.

final conceptual photo after all of the edits
Conceptual Photo
Behind the Masterpiece of the concept photo.
Behind the Masterpiece

Artist statement

 I am exploring the feeling of hopefulness though getting caught.

In my photograph I represented the feeling of hopefulness as a pair of bright red scissors. To represent the act of getting caught I used black yarn. To display hopefulness through getting caught, I wrapped the bright red scissors with the  black yarn to create a juxtaposition between the two. To display hope, I show the struggle of the scissors trying to be freed from the encapsulating yarn.  For my photograph, I angled the camera above the pair of scissors to make my backdrop the gray marbled counter top. For the lighting, I used my speedlight which is attached to my camera. I took the photo in my bathroom where there was no other added light except for the speedlight. To make the red color pop, I had the light reflect off  of the mirror in my bathroom. 

Learning these new techniques in Photoshop, I was able to improve my image by elevating it to enhance my overall concept. The first step I used was the Crop Tool to eliminate the unimportant  parts of my image and to make the photo more centered. Second, I used the Spot Healing Tool to remove anything that was standing out or to fix a piece of yarn that was taking away the emphasis from the main object. With the effects I used in Photoshop, I was able to further convey the meaning of my conceptual photograph

Miniature Figure Photography

This was one of fist projects of year in Design class, this project was put in place to improve out photography skills as well as photoshop skills. These photos were taken on our DLSR camera’s using flash box to use light to focus on the images

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Fav Photo 1
Fav Photo 2
Fav Photo 3

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