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Durning this Unit we were able to further extend our knowledge. We learned applications like Adobe Illustrator, while learning these I had so much fun exploring new products. In the visual narrative unit we created a short story, parody songs, and creatures. And I look forward to learning new application down the freestyle road.

The first big project we did a flash fission story, with our very own characters, setting, and plot. My story’s main character is named Sam, and his current life situation. The story is based in Seattle, where the main character Sam lives. We made an audio recording of the story, as well as album covers. This has been my favorite project so far, I felt that I could express my self and my creativity through this project.

Sam & Eddy

Sam was making my coffee one quiet morning when a little paper slid under my old wooden front door. Sam slowly bent down to pick up the paper and to see “Brand new retirement homes for you!”. He tossed the paper onto a growing pile of old newspapers. The thought of moving out had festered in the back of his mind for a few years now as Sam grew old the house seemed to get larger and lonelier. Sam pushed those thoughts behind himself and continued with my day by going out front on the porch to enjoy my coffee and sit down on my old rocking chair. To watch the birds fly past and clouds drift away until a loud moving truck comes right to my neighbors and packs up their boxes into the moving truck. 

Sam was up late that night pacing around in his mind in bed with the restless thought of moving out into one of those retirement homes until he was able to fall asleep. He woke up continuously thinking of all the pros and cons of making the change. He thought to himself I won’t have to deal with the mess, and keeping such a big house just for one person gets lonely.  But also I don’t want to be in an old place with no friends or neighbors or clouds to watch. Soon he stumbles out of bed to go make coffee and then right on time another paper comes under the door just to give him another reminder that there are “ New Retirement homes just for you!” and then Sam gets an impulse, that I don’t want to live alone with no excitement in my life. So he puts on his velcro shoes and walks out the door to the realtor’s office downtown. On his way Sam  passes by many stores and restaurants that he used to go to, and he walks along the sidewalk past the dog shelter and to all of the big ferocious dogs and then a small golden brown corgi in a small cage. And a few more blocks later he gets to the realtor’s office. Sam stands out front the office contemplating whether or not he  should make this change, but he gains the confidence to walk inside and hear the realtor out.

After the long overdue conversation that he had with the realtor, He decided to pull the trigger on selling the house and start the process of moving into a “ Brand New Retirement home!”. Sam wraps up with the realtor and walks back home through downtown past the dog shelter to notice that all the other dogs were taken! Except for the old corgi, he was just laying in the cage all sad and alone but in too small of a home with nobody. Sam pauses his walk and and feels a rush of emotions come across his body, as he feels empathetic for the little dog.  When he  gets home later that day he begins  to reminisce about all of the memories that I had, like running around the living room with joy when he found out he’d got his dream job, or when he would enjoy the peaceful  views of the clouds on his  old rocking chair. 

Sam felt a slight bit of regret about moving, so he distracted himself by turning on channel 20 News just to fall asleep moments later on the couch. Sam gets up bright n early to make my coffee, then head  downtown to the moving company to help moving all of the dusty old furniture and the piles of dated newspapers. As he walks downtown I still see the corgi in the window all alone in the cage.  As Sam starts to walk downtown, I can hear a faint bark from the  corgi.  Sam turns back around, then he feels  the rush of regret that came across him last night. And he has an epiphany that he is the small little corgi that is all alone but in this case he is the one who is leaving his big home and the corgi has nobody. 

So he walks as fast as his old body can, back to the realtor’s office and he tells them that he doesn’t want to sell his house and he tears papers, and the relator takes back his claim. And Sam rushes down the block  into the animal shelter to see the little old corgi, with a collar around his neck, and his name is Eddy!  Sam opens Eddy crate and Eddy jumps into Sam’s arms licking him all over his face! Sam signed the papers to get Eddy and just like that Eddy was all Sams. They walk back to the house, and Eddy runs all over his new home.

Behind the seen’s of my short story audio production

The behind look at the creation of the album art

For the illustrations part of this unit, we learn the Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator allows you to expand image’s without ruining the quality of the image, as well as creating many amazing things, for example we were tasked to create a exquisite corps and illustration and clothing art all in Adobe Illustrator. Personally this is my favorite Adobe application that we have learned at Freestyle.

The Exquisite Corpse, drawing! A blind group project

Illustration Project, Printed on to a clothing patch

A behind the scenes, look at the Illustrations project

In our Design elective this unit we learned how to use Adobe InDesign, including a deeper look into Adobe Illustrator. We were challenged to create a creature made of five different animals all wrapped into one! And all of the animals had to represent characteristics of our short story character. For this project we had to push our knowledge about adobe illustrator. Overall this project is was so much fun in the process.

Here is the background for my Narrative Creature for my design class

Here is the final look at my Narrative Creature!!

Here is my artist statement for the creature project.

The main character in my short story is named Sam. Sam is an old man who lives alone in a big house in Seattle. Sam grew tired after the love of his life passed away and the joy and happiness started to fade. Every day Sam does the same routine he makes piping hot coffee and then sits and watches the clouds roll by. After days of debating he decides to sell his house and move into a retiring home. Sam is most of the time lazy and sleepy but tends to always have a bright attitude about life. In the photograph Sam is taking a sip of his hot coffee in the morning while watching the clouds.

 The process of taking this photo was more challenging than planned. As it was hard to find a person who would match the description of the character. When I found my model I knew I wanted to use yellow soft lighting to give the model a more aged effect. I put the lights at different highs to make the lighting hit the model at different angles. After I found the right photo I uploaded it into Photoshop, in Photoshop I used the Curves tool to lighten the image. As well as changing the saturation to make the color on the image less intense to give a vintage aged look. Lastly I used the vignette tool, to add a black border around the photograph. The process of taking and editing this photo has forced me to use all of the tools around me that I have learned so far.

From the inspiration of our short story that was made in english we were tasked, to have a photoshoot with a model that represents the protagonist in our short story. Here’s how it turned out

The final look

[Chorus] Owen,Jensen

Mr Flo, I need help with somethin’

My photoshop be buggin’

And Mr flo, I need help with somethin’

My pro tools audio isn’t workin’

Then Mr Flo, I need help with somethin’

Can you get my headphones to plug-in

Do your thing Flo, Do your thing

Do your thing Mr Flo, Do your thing

[Verse 1]Jensen

Making Layers after layers, We in Photoshop

Never forget to save, so you stay on top

Typing emails after emails, I write that stuff a lot 

Reading my flash fiction, nothing beats the plot

Sharing annotations with someone whos trusted

If you get cheatin’ you will be busted

We ain’t even got a bell, don’t stress it 

Parking in the residential, I finesse it

I’m a savage 

 My photoshopping be magic

Yo photoshopping be tragic 

Grinding homework cause my work ethic aint natty

Getting stuff done, I’m still chatty

Owen,call me up, wait don’t call me 

Busy at home, Drinking Tea

All of my fellow AM freestylers better hop on this beat

I’m a freestyler, I got–

[Verse 2] Owen

All you fools, All of you fools need to remember who y’all talkin’ to

It’s Mr. Flooo

I got teachers waitn on so they can grade 

So you better goo

You need to find you someone else to bug

When your grades start get low, you need to find you someone 

Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy

I’m on that working mindset ayy, late nightset 

Ayy, working mindset, ayy, late night grindset, ayy

Sticks and stones, Flo on Flo

 gotta do homework, 

Internet fails, gotta to send emails 

I needa  upload so don’t feel alone, ayy

 I’m Young Owen, doing freestyle 

I used to be free but now I got the style, 

These people  waitin’ on me like im dictionary 

I’m steady pushin’ P but instead I’m helping ms. P

I told my friends freestyle be crazy and it’s so amazing yuh

I used to get C&Ds, but when lil greco help me i be getting As&bs

We revvin’ in BPL so i’m never late

I layer up all my files in photoshop then it’s BRB 

You people love askin’ if I submitted, when you know I did

When you know I did

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