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Audio Production

This is my personal Audio Production page. I have experimented with a lot of sounds and rhythms and as I spent more time refining and working on them, they started to sound a lot better. This process of not getting it to sound good on the first try has been pretty tough for me because I am a musically inclined person. Since I started piano when I was 5, it has always been a part of my life. Understanding that it might not be how I want it the first time or even for a long time has allowed me to make more progress as I patiently trust the process.

Pro Tools Interface

This is where first learned how to use virtual instruments and put them together.

Reason Interface

This is where I started getting into making beats. There are a lot of different ways to change the sound and feeling of the composition, so it has been a monster trying to tackle understand all the components of this.


Scoobs by Soren Robinson

This is a song I made for fun called Scoobs. It reminded me of the mystery that the show Scooby Doo was for my childhood. There are also short licks that come in every once in a while that were inspired from other movies that I saw in my childhood.