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Zenith was the last project I did at Freestyle. I was given the freedom and flexibility to expand on or hone any skill or idea that I wanted and make something out of it. The word “zenith” represents the highest point of a location, essentially translating to the moment in which I, as a Freestyle student, am at my best. By now, my time had almost finished, and I created the best product I could using all of the skills I have learned over my years in Freestyle.

My project is a comic book. This idea was inspired by all of the newspaper comic strips I read as a kid in my grandpa’s living room. Over the years I have come to realize my two favorites are Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side. In Calvin and Hobbes, I loved how the two characters interacted with and balanced each other out. Reading these comic strips is always a timeless experience and often leaves me nostalgic. The Far Side was a different type of comic that I drew inspiration from. They often take on a one panel, one line approach, and although I didn’t do that for my project, I loved the absurd and witty jokes it has.


First few panels I came up with
Another couple panels
My favorite strips


The process was simple:

1. Brainstorm

My family is epic

This was mostly done vocally with my family and they gave me a ton of inspiration in my creation process.

2. Sketch

3. Draw

4. Color (optional)

5. Repeat as many times as possible

Vocal Explaination