A Video Essay


Like the personal essay, in Film class we were challenged to create a video essay. The constraints were quite specific, it had to be 2 minutes long. My video essay explores confusion in self-perception and insecurity.

Putting the Production Together

In Pre-production. I wrote the “essay,” or the part I spoke. After finalizing the essay, I recorded myself speaking the essay. Entering production, I started getting footage. I wanted abstract and ambiguous visuals which I achieved by filming the reflections in a window as I moved. I also filmed through a cute gemstone to achieve a kaleideiscope effect. To get the props I wanted, I filmed at my friend’s house for the typewriter shots. In post, I took everything into Premiere Pro and the essay came to life visually.

Behind the Scenes

Photoshop; creating a paint stop motion animation
Creating the stop motion paint animation in Photoshop
Editing Video in Premiere Pro
Editing in Premiere Pro
A still from the video. Collaged by Katherine
An important still from the video that I made a triptych. This was the last photo I took of my Grandma in China. Shot on 35mm.

Reflecting back

I valued the freedom to break free from a strict narrative structure and let in experimental freedom. I reflected back to the narrative and experimental unit to give my film an abstract touch, yet still, have a flow from beginning to middle to end. This experience forced me to pursue unconventional ideas and strengthen my skills in those I was already proficient in.

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