Narrative Visual Perspective in Digital Media

Music Production

In Digital Media we experimented once again with either our choice of ProTools and/or Reason. I created a music score with ProTools, using a variety of artificial to real instruments


Using AdobeDreamweaver, I learned how to code and created the Splash Screen that is featured when you first load my site. Coding allowed me to personalize my website beyond the basic functions in WordPress.
Using Adobe Dreamweaver to code the intro page of this website.

Laser-Cut Wood Art

Collaborating with my friend Colby, we created a 3-D world that is revealed under honeycombs. We wanted to create an unconventional landscape filled with detail.

We began with concept sketches. The final sketch was the basis for our AdobeIllustrator file.
Pre-liminary sketch of Honeycomb. We put this sketch in the Illustrator file to trace the basic form and arrangement of objects.
A glimpse at the Adobe Illustrator file – all 12 layers!
The Final Product – Honeycomb by Colby & Katherine
Colby and I were inspired by the geometric shapes and depth of a honeycomb. We were looking at 3-D wood art and we were drawn to ones that created a landscape. Deviating from conventional landscape art, we decided to create a world within the depths of honeycomb. I enjoyed creating the trees and layering its foliage to cover the vines that string across the landscape. To create this process, I started with the honeycombs and worked my way down while Colby started at the bottom and worked his way up. We met in the middle and finished the landscape together.

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