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About This Podcast

Two friends, Ari and Katherine, are your average yogurt-consumers. One day they wondered: How’s yogurt made? In a humorous, science–for–non-scientists podcast, the pair explores the world of microbes, from the unique microbiome environment in our stomach to the creation of fermented food.

Podcaster Bios

Katherine’s favorite yogurt growing up was Yoplait whipped strawberry. However, she is now lactose-intolerant (sad), but like any other lactose-intolerant, she still makes a routine sacrifice for cheese.

Ari secretly doesn’t really like yogurt (I mean it’s okay, I’m not obsessed with it), yet here he is creating a podcast about yogurt. In his free time Ari enjoys going home and eating Captain Crunch cereal when he told his friends he’s “Omw!”

Why podcast?

Why make a podcast? Well, chances are you’ve taken over 12+ language classes. Youth voices are vital in the exchange of free speech and is a powerful storytelling experience, yet almost none of the typically assigned research papers or short narratives written by students see the light of day past their teacher’s desk. Podcasts are an appealing medium to a diverse community and easily accessible. The podcast project was a challenge to style and organize sound and word. The payoff? A product suited to truly have our voices heard by a real-life audience.
Stylistic-wise, we were inspired by Buzzfeed: Unsolved hosted by Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara. They juxtapose formal delivery of factual information to breaks of humorous improv creating a colorful contrast to the murderous, horror story they are presenting.


Editing the Yummy Podcast: Layering sounds for a professional experience.

Reflecting Back

Ari and Katherine at Sprout's
Ari and Katherine at Sprouts Farmers Market
recording in the studio
Ari and Katherine in the studio
I valued the challenge of doing an out-of-the-box project and something I’d wouldn’t think of taking on by myself. I realized podcasts and shows of similar manner need an expert balance of planning an improv to be candid and allow the audience to feel included in personal conversation.





Tips for future podcasters! Do the research first but don’t let it kill your enthusiasm and desire for a candid podcast. After you garner a wealth of information it becomes easier to block out the flow and allow for candid moments. Always look to a few podcasts for inspiration concerning style and tone.

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