In the conceptual unit, Junior of Freestyle Academy fostered and portrayed abstract concepts to answer the question:


How can unconventional forms of media be used to express an individual?


The conceptual unit places emphasis on the risk behind creation. These creations included: poetry, music, animation, experimental film, web production, and design. Challenging one to portray their opinions in a distinct aesthetic, the conceptual process allowed students to develop technical skills in DSLR Cameras, Tascam Audio Recorders, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, WordPress, and Google Apps.


As an artist, I admire the abstract, conceptual-surrealism art that largely shapes today’s era of art. Particularly, I am fond of painters who create intrigue by subjectively painting a concept. Salvador Dalí, for example, creates such out-there pieces with a touch of surrealism and chaos that it leaves the viewer confused and wanting for more. I’ve fallen in love with how paintings can resonate with the individual, and during the conceptual unit, I headed into this unit with the intentions to create a body of work that would resonate with the viewer like a Dalí painting resonates with its audience, so powerful when the concept finally clicks in the mind. I valued this opportunity to take a field I’m passionate about and the resources available to me to create an experimental film. I learned how to suggest an emotion without explicitly portraying that through my subject, as well as learning the steps of pre-production to production to post-production.


In the following pages, I invite you to experience the following productions: various poems, an experimental film, and photographs that explore editing technique.


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