Curator – Katherine Sun

KetchupMuseum answers the question “Who Am I?” through the lens of paint on a canvas or of structures that occupy space

If glimpses of you were manifested into colors on a canvas or shapes in space, what would you be? The next Rothko? The next Rauchensberg? This is the Personal Museum Curation, an observation of artwork at the SFMoMa. An imagination of art forms my identity could be, and a reflection of my own life.

  • Untitled by Günther Förg
  • This represents my core value of self-development because I was once in a grey area of my life. I was confused as to what I wanted and who I was. I’m starting to come out of that period and be bolder and more myself. I’m in a happier place and I’m much more bold with expressing who I am, like the color red.
  • Mask II by Ron Mueck
  • This piece is highly realistic and exaggerated. It commands all the attention in the room, and everyone takes a double-take at it. As an artist who works in many mediums, I appreciate the mixed media approach and I strongly value art like this, where the artwork is so captivating people have to go back to it.
  • Girl from Contact Sheet by Sara Cwynar
  • This girl is portrayed in an unconventional way, and the artist had freedom in creating this art. She’s portrayed independently and mature as well, which gives off the vibe she is largely independent at a young age. As someone who values freedom through independence, I think this piece would make a great addition to my museum.
  • Untitled by Dan Flavin
  • This piece doesn’t resonate with me because there’s little self-expression and freedom in this piece. The structure is rigid and the colors and shapes are nothing of the unconventional. It’s neither unique nor expressive.
  • Vesak (Coat Stand) by Václav Chochola
  • This piece doesn’t make the cut because it depicts the figure of a person who is isolated and alone. As I’ve grown as a person, I found I’ve stepped out of this place of isolation and loneliness. I’m pretty content with my life as of right now. This doesn’t represent my value of self-development and friendship.

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Looking Back

Reflecting on my identity through the lens of artwork was an interesting experience. I felt like the trip to SFMoMa in itself is an important memory I hold on, and this Personal Museum Curation is a nice space to remind me of that day in SF as well and how I perceived myself as.

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