Who am I?

A simple question with some not-so-simple answers. In the Reflections Unit, we entered senior year and reflected over our growth in Freestyle and as an individual. I learned more about my creative potential as I explored After Effects and created a video essay. I opened my perspective to that of others as I read Educated by Tara Westover and challenged myself to navigate the gray area of lyrical essays. This unit was eye-opening in presenting new challenges, art forms, and personal growth.


Essence Objects List


  • Apple headphones

  • Best Book Ever: The White Boy Shuffle by Paul Beatty

  • Ma Po Dofu

  • Bryant Giles

  • Most Afraid of: Vulnerability

  • One Day under-ripe Banana

  • Nikon Film Camera

  • My Best Friend: Coffee & McSweeney’s

  • White Nectarines

  • I hate the smell of osmanthus

  • Uno

  • AP Comp / Lang

  • Found Records from SF

  • Minion from Coney Island

  • Color Pencils & Ink Pens from 2D

  • Heritage Oaks Park

  • Adidas Windbreaker

  • Film Canisters

  • Blue Blanket I Made

  • Pile of Junior Year English Annotations

  • Thyme Spice

  • Calendar on my wall

  • Greco’s carpet


As a Brainstorming activity for our Personal Essay, we began by listing important objects in our lives. They have specific memories tied to them. They are simply things we just can’t let go of. Some of these objects are reminiscent of my previous year in Freestyle (ie. Greco’s carpet), others are related to my video essay (ie. Film Canisters).

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