Digital Media

Experimenting with Editing Technique

In Digital Media, we learned fundamental camera skills and Photoshop skills. Most importantly was Blend Modes, which allow the user to change the colors of the photos as well as manipulate photos.
I valued the lessons that reviewed basic DSLR skills when it came to shoot in manual. I reviewed how to use ISO, aperture, and shutter speed together and the effect each has on a photo. I also learned important Photoshop skills that helped me better understand the basics of Photoshop and how useful they can be to piece together a photograph.

Studio Textures Two Photo Blend Achieved With Screen Blend Photo Transformation: Face in Guitar Like That One The Office Meme Overlay Blend Mode to Achieve Double Photo Effect Editing With Overlay- Pencil Sharpener Increasing Colors and Contrast- Overlay Blend Mode













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