After two years of personal, creative, and technical growth, Freestyle challenges us with one last project– Zenith. A capstone project, the possibilities of Zenith are endless. It is called Zenith because it is a Freestyle student’s creative summit.

Entering Zenith, I was exhuasted. Senior Narrative had me staying at Freestyle until 12AM to edit. 

Honestly, I had no clue what I wanted to do or if I even wanted to do Zenith. I just knew that something that has always been an interest of mine is experimental/abstract art and better yet, music videos. 

Back in the “slums of documentary project,” as my friend Brandon Choi recalls, Brandon asked me to be a model for a brand he was creating with our friend Natalie Hu: Antiseptic. Their Zenith was this– Brandon would produce and shoot a highly experimental, conceptual video; Natalie would design clothes and style on set. 

I was hyped about Natalie and Brandon’s Zenith, but I had yet to figure out what project I’d pursue. Then, Brandon asked me be his co-director soon after. I was excited to collaborate with my friends who I admire each for their distinct creativity.


I think my Zenith experience held up to the project’s name, for the most part. I got to pursue my interesting experimental/abstract art in a professional manner. Like “same, but different,” I feel like choosing to work with Brandon and Natalie brought my time at Freestyle full circle. Zenith was reminiscent of our first unit Experimental, but much more professional. Working with Natalie allowed me to reconnect with an old friend and someone who I consider to be my first “creative/artistic” friend in life.

Due to Covid-19, our pre-production time was extended by a great amount, but our production and post-production was never achieved. Antiseptic is still very much alive, and will be completed in the near future.

It’s ironic our project is called “ANTISEPTIC” amidst a global pandemic.

Antiseptic Gang – left to right – Katherine, Natalie, Brandon

Antiseptic – An incomplete project, but a great journey

Watch our chaotic journey throughout Zenith.

Zenith Goals

Coming out of senior narrative, organization was my biggest setback. I learned organization comes before creativity in order to succeed creatively. Brandon and I split the work in organization and creativity, but I took the lead on lighting and Brandon took the lead on determining what effects were feasible in post. Meanwhile, Natalie designed and sewed all the clothes, in addition to 3-D modeling the apparel.


Logo Design – all logo designs will be sold as sticker packs during video release
Meeting the models! We talked about Brandon’s record collection.
Eating dinner with the models.
The first page of our concept document – 21 pages of content yet to be shot.

Zenith Reflection

Listen to Katherine reflect on her Zenith journey.

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