Prompting a Perspective Essay

A Perspective on Prompts, or rather, the absence of a Prompt

For the perspective essay, we were prompted to write about anything.


Yes, anything. 

Well, damn, what shoud I write about?

Ever have that feeling? Me too. Honestly that’s pretty much the premise of my perspective essay.

Perspective Essay

Why is it that the best ideas come from when you’re confined to a prompt? 

Because you know when someone says write a story about anything, draw anything, do anything you want–and then you’re just sitting there like, well um, ok, Anything? 

I got nothing.

But really, you don’t have nothing. You have every idea staring back at you. Everything has potential, so nothing stands out.

So if you’re confined to a prompt, or a subject, or a guideline. . . why is it we feel like we’ve found the best idea? Well, perhaps because only one or two ideas from the infinite pool bear potential. And then! We can stretch the chosen one into its infinite shapes. 

Ideas are so malleable. A prompt gives us a box to put our idea in. And when we have the box, we can push our ideas into the confines of every corner and crevice find the most creative possibilities.

So if you prompt me to write my perspective on anything, I’d rather stick to the confines of my perspective on, well, confines.

Video Editing

Perspective Video Post-production in after effects
Editing the Perspective Video in After Effects

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